I like you, but sometimes I’m a little Chai

Sometimes I totally can be a little “chai”.  I am an extrovert and an introvert. Sometimes I can be lazy getting out of the house, but once I do I am always happy I did it. 

On Friday I attended a group fitness class with my good friend and then she talked me into a chai.  She appreciates it when I finally cave and don’t feed her the “I have so much to do” blerb.  I also appreciate it.  Sometimes you just need to roll with the punches. 

Sharing a cup of pretty chai, coffee, or whichever preferred brew with a good friend is a breathe of fresh air. It can revitalize you.  We chaied and I carried on with the rest of I have so much to do… and guess what it all still got done.  

Stop what you are doing, stop being chai, and go grab a cup with a good friend and catch up.  You’ll always be happy you did.  

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and recharges for the upcoming week!

Xo Jordan