Five Tips for Hiking to the Iconic Hollywood Sign

Ah. The glamorous Hollywood sign. It usually is on most Los Angeles goers bucket list. As it should be, but what dawned on me, while people watching is that many are unprepared for this hike. It really is a hike. What I witnessed, I just questioned wtf every 10 minutes as people made their way to the iconic sign.

You should know that there are a few different trails you can take. We took the Dunyon Canyon trail and opted for the longer route, making our way all the way behind the Hollywood sign. Here are a few tips to help you prepare.

Please for the love of god do the following…

  1. If you can, start as early as possible. Ideally start between 7-8 am. There is less  people on the trail and not to mention it’s cooler. On our way down it started to become crowded and the sun was BEAMING.
  2. Apply sunscreen before your hike and bring sunscreen to reapply. If the sun is out, there is not much shade. I reapplied multiple times throughout the hike. And I still got some color! I love Blue Lizard Sport and Face . I love the bottle turns blue in UV light. You are quickly reminded to reapply!
  3. Stay hydrated. Bring a lot of water. It’s not for the faint. Note: I did not see bathrooms along the trail. Go before hand. Loving my Yeti Insulated 26oz Water bottle right now. It keeps your water cold for hours!
  4. Bring snacks. Our total round trip was about 3 hours. We were famished by the time we were done. If you are able, pack some sandwiches and fruit.
  5. Wear Athletic wear, but watch for the pants with holes ladies! You don’t want those tan lines! The sun was hitting us hard when I realized I had holes in my pants. Thankfully I had none of those dreadful tan lines. I witnessed a lot of people in jeans and boots as if they were going out to brunch. It really blew my mind, but I know they didn’t prepare to see what this hike really entailed. This may sound stupid, but I also did not really know it would be that hard. Being as fit and healthy as I am, it still winded me.

Be comfortable and plan a head. The hike will be a better experience for you. I also am well aware this sounds basic, but you would be really surprised how many of those that do not get it.

If you have an additional pointers or wish you had done something differently to make your experience more enjoyable comment below!

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