About Me

osophy . n. A belief or doctrine, ism

Welcome to Jorosophy!

Hello All! I’m Jordan. Thanks for stopping by Jorosophy. I am twenty eight years old, recently married to the love of my life, Sean, and living in Jersey City, NJ. I work full-time in the pharmaceutical industry in New York City on the daily.

I have created Jorosophy as a creative outlet to share ideas and inspiration for a life to be well lived with like-minded individuals looking for inspiration to live their life to the fullest.

I believe in balance and simplicity—I work on this daily. Things are so often just overly complicated. Bring it all back to the basics, it’s not as messy! Health, wellness and self-care do not have to be complicated. I try to apply balance and simplicity to most concepts of life—food, wants, needs, and what will make us happy at the end of the day.

I believe in travel—my life bucket list is 75% travel. There is something about traveling to a new country or city that gets me high. I get anxiety if I do not have something planned in the near future. I can’t sit still.

Lover of coffee. I don’t know how to nap to save the life of me. I like to plan and I get made fun of because my friends and family know I need to put them on my calendar. Love to cook, but have not dabbled to much with baking due to the precision it requires and well… I can be impatient sometimes. My ideal Friday night involves pizza, wine, a facemask and Netflix.  I love finding away to making crazy unhealthy indulgences, healthy. Although I love all those crazy unhealthy indulgences! I rather have a drink in daylight and if there is a palm tree near me that is even better.

Follow me on this journey on Jorosophy—the science of me.

Contact: jorosophy@gmail.com