Barcelona’s La Boqueria

This is for my foodies! Where you at!?

This international food market is ranked NUMBER 2….GLOBALLY.

Now I take this very seriously and this is why La Boqueria has its very own post. Yes it’s that important. Listen up. Make it a thing to do on your Barcelona trip and do it right. You can’t leave Barcelona without stopping by this foodies’ play ground.

This market can become overwhelming really quick, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some things to keep in mind when navigating or planning to visit.

  1. Hours: 8 AM-8:30 AM, Some stalls close earlier. Closed on Sundays. If you are going during a holiday, make sure to check their schedule
  2. The market starts to bustle heavily around 12 pm. Best time to go is between 10 am-12 pm
  3. As much as you want to stroll and gaze, some vendors might seem to pressure you and quickly so you don’t have a chance to say no.
  4. Approximately 40,000 visitors a day
  5. Not all vendors accept cards. Bring cash as well

A Pleasant Experience & Where to Eat

  1. Start off by taking a stroll through the aisles and observing what is around you. While doing so, grab some fresh fruit or a fresh fruit juice. (If the juice seems separated, it has been out for a while). While you are strolling take in everything around you.  Spain is known for their ham.  If you go during a slower time, the vendors gladly educate you on the different types and qualities. There is SO MUCH CANDY. Parents, your kids are about to be in heaven.

 2.  After you have done some gawking, sit down relax at a stall, grab a coffee or beer, and decide what your next move may be. We sat down and enjoyed some calamari and beers at Barcentral.  You must order food to sit down.

  1. Next we went to Bar Pinotxo and ordered what most order—the garbanzo beans. Bar Pinotxo gets pretty crowded so get ready to lurk and pounce on those seats once people pay. If there is a wait grab a class of champagne or beer, wait, and people watch. Bar Pinotxo is family-owned. The garbanzo beans come with bread.  It was my favorite food I ate in Barcelona.

  1. Arguably the best stalls to eat at are El Quim (traditional Spanish dishes), Bar Pinotxo (tapas), and Kiosko (seafood). All had a wait while we were there. While I did not get a chance to eat at El Quim and Kiosko, both were recommended and highly reviewed.