First Trimester Scaries: What got me through

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I will start off by saying that the first trimester was such an exciting time for us, but also WEIRD. What I mean by weird, is that I personally did not feel myself or my best and I questioned every physical move I made.

Now that I am through the first trimester, I look back and think; WOW. 1. That was a blur. 2. How did I survive?

I did not feel the best, I did not feel myself, and I slowed down tremendously.

THE FATIGUE. Oh, it’s real.

Being someone who would wake up promptly in the morning to brew her morning coffee and would head to the gym, it was an adjustment for me.  Not to mention as a sales rep in NYC, I walk about 5 miles a day door to door (I refuse to drive in the city, it’s a waste of valuable time).

I had to quickly learn how to adjust and I was also forced to adjust.

I was so tired! I haven’t napped like this since college and I am questioning… why was I so tired in college? Life was way easy then. Nothing compared to this fatigue. This was my daily routine and I struggled so hard to make it with my eyes open past 6:30 PM.

WHAT GOT ME THROUGH: It was what it was. I listened to my body and took naps, went to bed early, and even slept in when I could. I attempted to eat good whole foods that would give me energy.

MY ADVICE: Treat yourself like the queen you are. You deserve it.

THE NAUSEA. I was fine…then I wasn’t.

I made it until week 7 without nausea and my naive self, despite reading over and over nausea might not hit until week 7 or 8, believed I was in the clear. I was wrong. So, So… WRONG.

For weeks I had to eat a plain piece of toast before getting out of bed and could not jump straight out of bed or else I was heading straight towards the wall, wobbling and extremely dizzy.  Another perk of first trimester pregnancy that forced me to slow. the. hell. down.

I was stubborn and wouldn’t take the medication provided for me, but then I broke.  I could not do my day to day feeling like this.

I wasn’t always physically throwing up either, but it felt like it could come at any time. My favorite moments were on the corner of 63rd and 2nd in Manhattan and Target. I’ll spare you the details.

WHAT GOT ME THROUGH: Besides having to eat before my feet even hit the ground in the morning, B-6 helps with nausea. I popped these Three Lollies Preggie Pop Drops Plus | with Vitamin B6 for Morning Sickness Relief | Sour Raspberry | Sour Lemon | 21 Drops""” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Preggie Pop Drops when I felt a bout of nausea coming on. Both ginger and sour flavors are said to help with nausea.

Eat 6 small meals a day.  I felt the emptier my stomach was, the sicker I was.  It took effort to eat this many times a day when I really didn’t feel like it, but it does make a big difference.

 When I stopped being stubborn I took Diclegis which is a prescription grade nausea medication with B-6 and extended release Doxylamine.


I love to work out.  It makes me feel strong physically and mentally. I may have worked out 7 times over the 12 weeks, besides walking. Sean and I made sure we walked every day on top of my walking during work.  The fresh air really does make a world of a difference in how you feel. Something is always better than nothing.

WHAT GOT ME THROUGH: Light weights, resistance bands, and walking.

MY ADVICE: Do what you can. Even if its walking to the corner of your block and back. Fresh air helps A LOT.


I went in thinking about all the healthy meals I would eat first trimester.  I laugh now. Most women gave me the advice to just eat whatever you want. I get it now.  I had to eat things I normally don’t eat often.  I ate A LOT of bread, plain pasta, and ice-cold drinks. I think I may have drank more ginger ale during pregnancy than I have ever in my life.

I did not have cravings, but I did have food aversions.  Meat and eggs became unappetizing to me. I am more willing now to eat things I normally wouldn’t as I try to eat clean during the week, without second guessing myself.  Most times if I want it, I eat it…including that cupcake in the window that stares at me as I walk by.

WHAT GOT ME THROUGH: Listening to my body. Staying away from acidic fruits on an empty stomach, staying away from coffee, and tomatoes. So many things I love…

MY ADVICE: Of course I am going to pass the advice given to me…eat what you want.  BUT try to sneak in as many veggies and non-acidic fruits as baby allows without feeling sick.