GNI : Christmas Edition

Girls night in. Christmas Edition.

In full swing of the holiday season and taking advantage of every excuse to eat every cookie!

This past weekend my friend Jamie and I had the chillest night in (sort of). Cookies and Christmas movies.

Cheesy Christmas Netflix movies are my thing this season. There are quite a few to choose from and I am just making my way right through. We watched Christmas Inheritance and The Holiday Engagement while we basked in the smell of cookie heaven.

We made a classic chocolate chip cookie because DUH! And also a chewy ginger cookie and  like Gimme Some Oven , I may also proclaim this to be one of my favorite cookies.  Can’t stop eating them. All are welcome to visit me in cookie rehab.

My husband was away for the night so we slumber partied. We woke up the next morning and ate breakfast wraps. After, we took a walk around the neighborhood and down to the water while sipping our coffee. Eventually we made our way back and popped more cookies in the oven.

This recipe makes a bunch of cookies and is so perfect for the holidays. It made the cut for Christmas Eve festivities.

What I find so funny is, I wasn’t a fan of the smells as a raw dough but I am obsessed with the cooked result. While I wanted no parts of the raw dough, Jamie was licking it off the spoon. (Obviously, this is not recommended)

Here is the link to gimme some oven chewy ginger cookies. I added two table spoons of fresh squeezed orange juice to the recipe. I also chilled the dough for 10 hours.

If you ask those close to me, I am a messy cook and baker so I took the time to sort out the ingredients and I believe because everything was sorted out precisely, it resulted in such great cookies. I do not have the patience of a baker and I hate taking the time to measure a bunch of ingredients as I am going along. The thing with baking is, too much or too little of one ingredient can make or break it

I sorted out each and every ingredient and bonded with one of my favorite toys, kitchen aid. So while everything looks neat and pleasant please know this. I am still the messy baker. Proof Below.

What the kitchen actually looks like after I am done with it…

Warning do not wear black while baking.

The real cookie show down will be going down two days before Christmas. So far on my list I will be making a classic chocolate chip (Sean’s favorite), chewy ginger cookies (my new favorite), and the last is TBD.

In the mean time check out gimmesomeovens chewy ginger cookie recipe.  Here is the link!